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Pioneering the future of renewable energy

Flotation Energy is leading the way in the development of offshore wind projects.

Determined to support the big switch to more sustainable, clean and affordable energy choices, our core strengths lie in building and operating offshore windfarms in new offshore locations. 

We’re a rapidly expanding and ambitious offshore wind developer, with a 13GW portfolio that covers both fixed and floating developments globally. Through the power of our offshore wind developments, we can help countries reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and create new clean jobs in a burgeoning sector.

Now part of the TEPCO Group, with its accumulated technology and experience, and aim of fostering environmental improvements, Flotation Energy holds a strong position in offshore wind development. Coupled with our track record of finding and developing sites for floating projects in deeper waters globally, we are pioneering the future of renewable energy.

What we do

Flotation Energy is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland with subsidiaries in Taiwan, Japan and Australia

Our Core Values



We look for synergies that come from co-locating traditional power sources with offshore renewables.


We develop the best solutions for each site and understand the importance of adapting our projects to the needs of the local community and environment.

Care for our environment:

We are building a better future by developing offshore wind projects to power our communities with clean, green, renewable energy.


We achieve more by collaborating with our supply chains, local communities, and environmental bodies to ensure that our projects have a positive impact.


We treat others with dignity and respect.