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Our purpose

From pioneering floating offshore wind demonstrator projects, to delivering fast-track, scalable, commercial offshore wind developments, we are leading the way to cleaner, reliable energy transition.



We look for synergies that come from co-locating traditional power sources with offshore renewables.


We develop the best solutions for each site and understand the importance of adapting our projects to the needs of the local community and environment.

Care for our environment:

We are building a better future by developing offshore wind projects to power our communities with clean, green, renewable energy.


We achieve more by collaborating with our supply chains, local communities, and environmental bodies to ensure that our projects have a positive impact.


We treat others with dignity and respect.

We’re extremely proud of the achievements we’ve made since our inception in 2018. We have grown from just a team of a few people with big ideas and lots of enthusiasm to a thriving and dynamic group of over 130 people globally. We have a huge passion to change the game in offshore wind development and delivery.

Our entrepreneurial spirit enables us to make decisions at pace and provides a space for agile and critical thinking to thrive. We’re a creative and resourceful bunch, and really love what we do.