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Project overview

With a global project pipeline spanning more than 13GW, our core skill is the expert development of new offshore wind projects. While we can, and do work independently to achieve success, we like working in collaboration with other developers. We’re well-connected within the offshore industry and have proven experience in forming and delivering effective project partnerships.

Flotation Energy

We are independently developing significant projects in Australia and Japan.

The Seadragon project located in Gippsland, will be one of Australia’s first offshore wind farms. Using fixed foundation turbines it will generate 1.5GW of wind power.

Additionally, the Southwest, Perth and Wanneroo Arrays are around 20km from the coast of Western Australia.  Each of these arrays will generate 1.5GW of wind power.

In Japan, Toki has been identified as a promising site for a floating offshore windfarm, 40 km off the Prefecture of Niigata. It has the potential to output 1 GW of renewable power.

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flotation energy Cobra Logo

Our joint venture with Spanish company Cobra, part of the Vinci Group has projects in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.

In the UK, we have jointly secured the 480MW Morecambe fixed foundation offshore windfarm; and our innovative 100MW White Cross floating offshore Test and Demonstration Project in the Celtic Sea.

Our Irish projects include the fixed offshore wind 1.2GW Greystones, off the Dublin coast; and 1.5GW Blackwater, a floating offshore windfarm in the Celtic Sea, offshore from County Wexford.

And in Taiwan, the 1.2GW Chu Tin floating wind development off the coast of Hsinchu.

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Flotation Energy and Vårgrønn, a joint venture between Plenitude (Eni) and HitecVision, have been awarded exclusivity by Crown Estate Scotland for areas to develop a total of up to 1.9 GW of floating offshore wind capacity across two projects, Green Volt and Cenos.

The awards are made under Crown Estate Scotland’s Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing round for offshore wind projects that provide low-carbon electricity to oil and gas platforms.

By securing area exclusivity in the INTOG round, the Green Volt and Cenos projects will make a significant contribution to Scotland’s 2045 Net Zero target, and The North Sea Transition Deal’s goal to halve offshore emissions by 2030.

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