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What we do

Flotation Energy is leading the way in the development of new offshore wind projects.
Determined to support the global movement to Net Zero, our core strengths lie in finding new places within the world’s oceans and seas to build and operate offshore windfarms.

Why we do what we do:

Many experts suggest 80% of the world’s offshore wind resource potential will be developed in deep waters. In Europe, Australasia and the Americas, this will mean many gigawatts of new floating offshore wind projects that Flotation Energy and its partners can capitalise on.

Our team was responsible for developing the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm – Kincardine. We have the technical knowledge and engineering expertise to make a success of these complex commercial developments, located in some of the world’s harshest environments.

We are determined to do our part to transform how the world sources its power, moving us all towards cleaner, more sustainable energy consumption, and helping tackle the very real challenge of climate change.

Positioned for the future

In November 2022 Flotation Energy became part of TEPCO Renewable Power.

As our momentum grows both in Europe and Asia Pacific, this strong partnership ensures that we continue to deliver our pipeline of successful and pioneering projects at pace. As part of TEPCO, we are now a truly multinational, multicultural organisation with greater reach and visibility.

This new partnership between Scotland and Japan represents a major commitment by TEPCO and enables us to move forward quickly with our existing projects, as well as kick starting new opportunities to help decarbonise globally.

With a track record of finding and developing sites for floating projects in deeper waters, we are pioneering the future of renewable energy.